Natural Activities That Increase Testosterone

Natural Activities That Increase Testosterone

The level of testosterone in men will start declining when they attain the age of 30. It will decline at the rate of 10% for every ten years. This hormone is very crucial in maintaining the physical health of the body. Its decrease affects every part of a man. This is what leads to lack of personality in men as the physical health is affected. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for sex drive; so when it declines, the performance of a man will be affected. This is one reason why men are on the run to look for ways of boosting their testosterone levels. There are many ways that have been used to increase testosterone levels natural.


It is good to keep your body physically fit if you want to maintain your testosterone levels. If you allow the physical fitness of your body to go down, then testosterone production will go down. It is of great importance to try and put on muscle mass by lifting heavy weights so as to get your body into good shape. The level of testosterone will increase when you do exercise and training that involves all the muscles. Exercising has so far proved to be the best way to increase testosterone production.


Getting enough rest is another natural way of increasing testosterone in your body. Look for ways of getting yourself time to relax. Be stress free and leave your mind at rest. When you are worried and upset constantly, your body will be in a fight mode. You will be having so many things to think about. This is a sure way of inhibiting about positive things like sex. This will in return inhibit the production of testosterone.


The kind of life you expose your body to will determine the level of testosterone in your body. By lifestyle it means what you eat and drink. If you take alcohol and smoke, the production of testosterone will for sure go down. If you want to boost the level of this hormone, you should make sure you don’t take part in these activities. Cut them completely form you life. This will help to improve on the levels of testosterone.


One food that has proved to be effective in promoting testosterone production is the proteins. This is why experts recommend that a diet rich in proteins should be taken daily. Including fats like Omega 3 is also encouraged as they will increase production of the hormone testosterone.  This hormone will need cholesterol for it to be produced. Low fat diet will result into levels of testosterone in the body.


Taking part in sexual intercourse is a sure way of getting hormones flow within your body. it has been proved that masturbation and sex are the best natural ways of stimulating testosterone production. The more you do sex, the more you will want it because of the increased testosterone production.

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